Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun Day - Happy Summer Sketch Book

Hello Lucky girls! Sabrina here and today I'd like to share with you a little notepad I created using leftover bits from June's kit - Hullabaloo. My leftover papers were really cut to smithereens but there were lots of 4x6ish pieces and of course the delightful JBS bingo card *needed* to be worked somewhere. The large size of it made a perfect base for this project.

I started by cutting all my papers to 4x5 inches so they would fit nicely within the frame around the card. Then took some computer paper and cut it slightly smaller so it would fit behind the cardstock. When you have everything positioned just so, hold tightly and punch through it with your Crop-o-dile or hole puncher. Score your cardstock about 1/4" below the punched holes so they can be easily bent back.

Next I cut about 1 yard of the luscious MME twine and threaded it through the holes 3 times to secure the paper tightly to the back. Add a button and double knot, then make a bow. This looks nice but also doubles as a place for K-man to practice his bow-tying skills. I then stapled a paper strip under the pad to hold a crayon and added a random photo that was hanging out and just happened to work with these colors.

And here's a little peek at the blank pages within, ready to hold memories and drawings of his summer. I'll be tucking this in my bag to pull out during long car rides, down-time during camping, and those other periods of waiting that seem to turn little idle hands into trouble making and sister teasing. :)

Hope your summer is unfolding swimmingly!

PS. Stock up on kits while they're on sale - Jessica has marked down everything in the store!! Go look now!

**** Show us your summer colors! What have the Friday Fun Day projects this month inspired you to create? Post your project to InLinkz by July 2 for a chance to win!***

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  1. what a super cute idea!!! I Love this!! :D



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