Monday, January 31, 2011

Kid at Heart - all grown up!

Hello lovelies! Thanks for joining us for day two of our Kid at Heart blog party! For those who are just stopping by, we've got some great projects meant to inspire you to create. Check out the post above to follow along with our party. *thanks*
Today Natalie has an excellent take on this very kid-centric kit, proving that young and old can be a kid at heart! Check out her amazing layouts that she's created:

I love how she paired rich earth tones with a pretty taffy orange. And her use of the heart doily is adorable!

And for this one - simply put, it's incredible. I love how her layering of the different patterned papers mimics the leaf pattern on the base of the paper.

So, are you lucky?
Each of the Lucky Girls on our blog party has some Lucky Bucks to give away, and each day of the party you'll have another chance to enter to win!

The grand prize of the party can be found right here!!!
Enter here for $25 Lucky Bucks to our store - check out the ways you can win:

Earn 1 entry for referring a friend to the LGC blog party

Earn 1 entry for answering today's question:
What's your favorite childhood treat (even if you still eat it today)?!

Earn 10 entries for the giveaways on all of the Lucky Girl Crafts Blog Party when you place any order between now and February 3!


  1. Both of these are so gorgeous... I love how this shows how the kits can be used for so many things!!!!!!!

  2. Nice LO's! I especially like the one from the wedding, but I'll tell her that on her blog. :)

    Favorite childhood treat...hmm, probably ice cream! And I definitely still eat that today. But probably less of it. :)

  3. Gorgeous!!! Fave childhood treat....probably rice krispie treats. :)

  4. I love these layouts - great design and colors! My favorite childhood treat was eating Rice Krispies cereal with marshmallows and sugar on top. We never made Rice Krispie bars, but I did try to improvise with my morning breakfast. lol

  5. My favorite childhood treat was ice cream.

    Love the layouts!

  6. Beautiful pages! I was and still am a big fan of ice cream!!

  7. fun pages!!!!! fave treat- Reeces Peanut Butter cups!!

  8. Both layouts are amazing! I love that second one! SUPER gorgeous!

    My fav treat would have been fruit roll ups. LOVE them! I loved the ones that actually were rolled up and you had to hold it out to eat it! Mom never bought them, but when I had one at a friend's house--that was all I could beg my mom for in the grocery store! SUGAR:)

  9. Both LO's are gorgeous. My fave treat was anytime my Gramma baked cause I would get to sit at the counter, lick the spatula..yum!



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