Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mid-Week Mojo: Forsythia

It's spring! Who needs a better reason to celebrate?

For this week's midweek mojo, I want to share a less "traditional" project made from the May 2011 kit, Spring Soiree.

I was sitting in my craft room, looking out the window, and I saw a forsythia bush in full bloom in my neighbor's back yard. Forsythia is one of my favorite spring flowers, and as I was looking at it, I realized that I had that same bright, sunny yellow in the cardstock from the kit, sitting in right front of me on my desk.

I adapted some paper flower techniques I have seen around the web and experimented to make the four-petaled flowers... First, I cut out the shape, then I used an orange colored pencil to add a bit of shading to what would become the center of the flower. Next, I curled it a bit over a pencil so that it would curve more easily into a cone. Then curled each of the petals outward, and finally, I overlapped the two edge petals and adhered them together.

Then I went out into my back yard to find myself a stick (it wasn't hard! with all the storms we've had here, we have lots of little twigs in our yard). I used Glossy Accents to adhere the paper flowers to the branch, then showcased it in a shadowbox frame with black cardstock behind the matting.

The perfect piece to celebrate spring!

"Forsythia" supplies:
from the May 2011 Lucky Girl Crafts kit "Spring Soiree"
solid cardstock: Bazzill (Orange Peel Lemon Tart, Cris Cross Beetle Black)

shadowbox frame
orange colored pencil (Xonex)



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